Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Might Have Been a Horse at Some Point in Life.

This is the 'edited' version of the food speech which my TA suggested read better. Not tons has changed but you can check the last entry for that. 

" Who Says Grease Isn't Love?"

Food. It’s something that is a part of our everyday life. Even those who suffer from diseases like anorexia and bulimia have food on their minds. Some people see food as something terrible, something that will make you fat and therefore undesirable. I see food as a whole different world to explore. I rarely put something in my mouth without judging it as thoroughly as the young children in beauty pageants are appraised. The only difference is that what I'm about to eat won't have traumatic nightmares for the rest of its life, it’s already dead.

Some healthy people judge their food in a chemical way: how many calories? How many grams of fat? How many of those grams are saturated? How much sodium? And most of all, how many hours on a treadmill will I need to work this salad off?


When I judge my food, it is very different. How will this taste? What's the texture? How much of this is pure meat, or melted cheese (two of my favourite food types)? How messy will this be to eat? Will I offend whoever has made it by dousing it in salt? And finally, how much of a pig will I look like for eating this food, massive portion or not.


So many have fallen out of love with food in our body-obsessed world. Sure, obesity is an epidemic, diabetes is on the rise, fat is death, etcetera. We should fall back in love with food. It’s what makes us live. Eventually, we will all die. But what is an extra three to five years of life if you never get to try a succulent steak and potatoes with rich, melted butter? A cheese plate the size of your head? Desserts that take years to perfect, hours to make, yet only minutes to savour?


Years ago, larger people were considered beautiful and desirable, both men and women. This was because it meant you could afford full fat on your meats, butter on your crusty breads, wine and beer in your belly. But things have changed. We have cut the fat and, in my opinion, the fun out of our eating habits. Sure, we can make healthy food look appealing, and even make some of that food taste delicious. There is nothing wrong with eating healthy, but if you’re not excited to eat, if you can't visualise what you’ll eating ahead of time, if your mouth hasn’t watered in weeks, you need to go out and eat something you love. Not shovel in food without thinking about how much time has gone into the preparation, the ingredients, and how it will taste, but savouring every bite as though it was your last. Pigging out once in a while. Trying to eat at least one thing you can remember every day.


You would think that for something as vital to live as water or air we would be giving food as much, if not more, respect, but we don’t. When you are eating your next meal, think about it. It may take you longer to eat, but you’ll be more satisfied afterwards. And please, eat something you love. 

On a nice sub-point, I did eat things that I liked today. I also got a tattoo though. May have just been endorphins rushing through my veins fucking up my taste buds. Anyways I need to up-load a bulk of things onto here within the next couple of days. 
In the words of my idol: "Have A Week"

(sorry about how the last paragraph is smaller, I am not good at these things.)