Monday, January 18, 2010


So here are some pieces that i'm considering tossing into my portfolio. I need 3 images on top of my 90 second film showing a change or transition. Here we go, pick your top three favourite and contact me through comments section, twitter, fb, phone, text, pigeon messenger, rock through window etc.

Number one: Abstract number 19. medium, acrylic on canvas, fingers in lieu of brush.

Number Two: Off With Their Heads and Torso's. Acrylic, glue, photo images on canvas.

Number Three: Tiny Bubbles. Paint, bubble wrap, tinfoil, pasty fish on canvas.

Number Four: Abstract number 37. Lots and Lots of old acrylic paint on canvas.

Number Five: WallFlower. Paper, stencil, watercolour, pencil on canvas.

Number Six: Two out of Five. acrylic, sharpie, stencil on wood.

Number Seven: Splat. Acrylic, sharpie, stencil on wood.

Number Eight: Na-Na Na Na-Na. Acrylic on canvas.

Number Nine: Abstract number 9. Acrylic on canvas.

Number Ten: Deafening. acrylic on a sheet of canvas.

Number Eleven: The Colourful Four. Water colour on canvas(s).

Number Twelve: Slosh. Acrylic, water colour, sharpie on canvas.

Number Thirteen: Uniformly Unequal. One brush, acrylic on canvas.

Number Fourteen: Abstract number 25. Acrylic on canvas.

Number Fifteen: Mice Eat Cheese. Acrylic and pen on canvas.

Close up of oct-i-pus

Close up of Animal

Close up of boy

Alright That's it. Please opinion-ate and tear my work apart! No Holds Bared!