Monday, March 2, 2009

The number 65 is both arbitrary and annoying.

Sixty five was the word count for this short assignment. I like flash fiction, people who read my flash fiction seem to like it, I do not like my flash fiction. Maybe one day I will learn to like  more of the things I create. (I like most of the food I make, the relationships I create, certain choices, etc. )  Until then.. 

"Edgar Wright"

He walks quickly down the sidewalk on this cold winter night.

Walking towards his future, clearing his head of his mindless job.

He hugs the girl he loves, although it is one thing she will never know.

26 and still working at the record store, barely scraping rent.

Most would think he is pathetically sad, but a movie and whom he loves makes him Happy. 

I will write about new characters at some point. 

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