Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here goes a whole lot of wasted time..

So I've decided to write some missed connections on craigs list (toronto) because I needed more writing practice. The first is to someone that I know, the second is to a true missed connection. 

1.Alright I have never posted on this but I know that you check this section on occasion, so here goes nothing.

(Really nothing because after re-reading this it sounds extremely lame so my apologies in advance.)


I had you in a picture on my wall with a funny fat man six months before I even met you. Then I met you in February seeing the same funny fat man. That line was long but we were all at the front. I talked way too much but you made me laugh. It went like that for the next two nights. You visited my place, came to “commercial” shoots, came out for drinks, movie marathons and burritos. We talked, albeit online, every night, even when I was in a completely opposite time zone.


I thought things were going great save the time when I majorly fucked up. But you know all about that.


I’m sorry and I thought that maybe we could be something, or at the least friends.

Anyways I hope things are going well and who knows, maybe the other missed connection that was for you worked out.


(P.S, I didn’t write the other missed connection.)

2You were sitting across from me in a darker plaid shirt, you had spacers and a nose ring, brown hair. 

I got on at Rosedale around 11:30 May 13 , I was wearing black leggings, orange vans and had a sex pistols bag. 
When I got off I turned to see if you would make eye contact with me and you did. 

Heres hoping that I get to make eye contact with you again :) 

Yea alright they are lame. But I did get some responses. Three in fact, although none of them were the guys in question. They were just looking to get laid by some desperate seeming girl who has the hopes of coming back into contact with someone they care about or someone they could care about. 

Now i'm just reeking of desperate. Bath time. 

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